Hi there, it's eva

I'm a product unicorn, specializing in UX design.

Passionate about new technology, FinTech and healthcare.

Every user or client has a different story I can learn from or develop into a product.  Converting their words and insights into something tangible and desirable, and to then see their satisfaction truly motivates me.  Through UX I pursue to create not just a usable product, but something that holds value for clients as well as end users.

No matter how big or small a project, someone's background or budget, the product I took part in making is going to be used and everyone deserves for that product to be good.

Work experience

I dedicated myself to design and tech for over five years. My work experience is diverse, from freelance to project manager, and from start up to corporate. I have years of experience in web design and development, helped develop various mobile apps, AI, and branding products.


Product designer


Product designer

Lead UX designer


Lead UX designer


Lead designer


UX engineer (contractor)

UX design intern


Creative director

Branding designer (contractor)

Web designer


Graphic designer


Graphic designer