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Angler’s Atlas provides detailed fishing information for more than a quarter million lakes, streams and salt waters across Canada and the US. The app provides custom feeds of water, that anglers can follow.





Goldstream Publishing

Desgin team

Eli Muro, Jessica Huang

Two months to create the MVP

We were given a very tight time span to create the MVP. I was brought to the team after the main feature requirements were defined. I was mainly responsible for wireframing and prototyping within a 2 months time constraint.

What is Angler's Atlas

The app is a resource centre for anglers by providing maps and related local content. Anglers can also share posts, markers of warning, boat launch places and hotspots.


It was launched in 2016. It had 5000-10,000 installs on Google Play and was featured various times on the iTunes home Page.


Low-fi wireframes

We created corresponding interfaces to tackle different user cases, since end users don't always follow the main scenario as designed. We mapped out the main features and ensured that the user case was not linear.


What if a user does this...

We carefully considered different scenarios and how the user interfaces corespond to them, for instance the POST.

Regular feed post

Posts with large amount of text

Comment contain large amount of text

Minimum Viable Product

Work with the main requirements & uncover the most impactful insight

The team was given a list of feature requirements. When crafting the features into the interface, we tried to carry on the UX research with interviews and competitor research to uncover other critical features and insights for anglers. The features were finalized into:

  • SEARCH for your favourite water using a map interface or by its name.
  • FOLLOW your favourite places so new content appears in your feed.

  • PRIVATE GROUPS allow you to share information with just your buddies.

  • PUBLIC GROUPS allow you to build communities around your interests.

  • MARK the map with custom map markers so you can remember where you caught the big one.

  • UPLOAD PHOTOS of your great catches to share with your friends or the entire community.

  • LOG your fishing adventures so you can easily keep track of your fishing trips.

    DOWNLOAD your favourite maps so they are available when you are offline.

Time constraint

Know the assets, talk to the team

In order to create something useful within a short period of time, it is important to understand what assets we have. For example, what kind of data we have and how we can make it beneficial for the anglers. After UX research, we can then model and present the data in a usable way for our end users.

I found it most effective to just communicate with developers. When I had new ideas, I would discuss them with the developers to ensure they were feasible. It often sparked the developers and also helped me understand more about the technical requirements for future references. At the same time, it challenged the developers and designers to go the extra mile to find the middle ground in the design and feasibility within our time constraint.


Try it out. It's an interactive prototype!

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